Oat Crust Cheesecake

What You'll Need


· 2 cups cottage cheese
· 1 tsp vanilla
· 2 tbsp honey
· 2 tsp raspberry sauce or puree


· 1 ½ cups ONLY OATS rolled oats
· 4 tbsp coconut oil
· 3-4 tbsp water
· 1 tbsp honey
· pinch of salt

Raspberry Sauce:

· pint of raspberries
· tbsp of sugar
· 2 tbsp water


1. Heat oven to 325°. Prep your springform pie pan

2. In a small saucepan, simmer raspberries, granulated sugar and 2 tbsp water over medium heat; cook until sauce thickens, 10 minutes. Set aside.

3. Begin the crust: Grind the oats into a flour. Blend with melted coconut oil – you’ll get crumbles. Add honey, a pinch of salt and 3-4 tbsp water, so you get a dough – make sure it’s still crumbly, not too smooth and sticky. Then spread the dough into the pie pan, working your way to the sides from the middle and pressing patiently.

4. Bake at 220 °C for about 20 Minutes, or until golden brown, but not too brown. Let chill for about 1 hour.

5. Make the cheese filling: Blend in your food processor – cottage cheese, honey, vanilla until smooth. Put in the fridge while crust is chilling

6. Assemble: Spread cottage cheese filling over the crust and spoon raspberry sauce on top and swirl using the tip of a knife, wiping it clean occasionally

7. Cut yourself a slice and enjoy!