Our Ingredient Platform

Oats represent a next-generation food ingredient. Globally, the oat market is valued at $5.2 Billion USD, and expected to reach nearly $6.9B by 2027; with key growth driven across liquid bases for alternative dairy, protein bases, and alternative flours.

Oats displaced Soy in 2020 as the #2 plant-based milk, behind Almond. Oat-based Dairy is valued at $3.7B globally and expected to see a 9.8% CAGR 2020-2027

Oat Liquid

Key Advantages

  • Minimal flavor profile
  • Smooth / desirable texture
  • Naturally nutrient dense

Oat Protein

Key Advantages

  • Requires fewer stabilizers
  • Optimally balanced amino acid profile vs. other plant-based protein sources
  • Minimal flavor profile well suited for meat mimics

Oat Flour

Key Advantages

  • Highly versatile alternative to wheat-based flours
  • Naturally high in fiber
  • Naturally nutrient dense

Our Gluten Free Supply Chain

Through our proprietary Purity Protocol process, we maintain complete transparency and traceability across our supply chain.
With farm to fork traceability, we are able to produce the highest-quality gluten-free oats and oat-based ingredients.


Our Farmers

Long term partnerships with growers held to the highest standard


Contaminant testing at each step from harvest, hauling, to hulling


Produced in 100% gluten-free facilities. Purity tested as finished products


Consumer products and ingredients that are 100% Celiac Safe and Certified Gluten Free