About Us

How It All Started

ONLY OATS was founded in 2008 by a group of multi-generational family farmers from the Canadian Prairies, who saw an opportunity to set a higher standard for gluten-free oat products. The result: Only Oats’ Purity Protocol is regarded by many as the highest quality standard for gluten free products on market.

Our Promise

From day one we’ve held ourselves to the highest standards; working with our famers to implement strict protocols that allow us to deliver the cleanest and most trustworthy oats and oats ingredients.


Made up of 100% pure Canadian oats, and free from all major allergens and additives. Thanks to our purity protocol, our oats contain only oats, nothing else.

100% Celiac Safe

Our Purity Protocol process produces oats that consistently contain less than than 5 ppm gluten, far surpassing the standard of 20 ppm set by the FDA and Health Canada. This ensures our products are safe for those with cleilac disease or gluten sensitivity.


With custody from our farmers fields to store shelves, we care for our oats at every step across the value chain.